Thursday, September 26, 2019

Roman Catholics in Alaska Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Roman Catholics in Alaska - Research Paper Example Today, Russian Orthodox Christianity claims over 20,000 followers and over 46 congregations. In addition to Russian Orthodox, general Roman Catholicism represents over 50,000 individuals, with over sixty-eight congregations (‘Alaska Religions’). Remaining within the Christian understanding of religions, other major groups include the Latter-Day Saints, the Assembly of God, and the Episcopalians. While Christianity represents the dominant religion, just like the lower forty-eight states, the other monotheistic religions are prevalent throughout the state. In these regards, both Judaism and Islam have a minority contingent of followers. In terms of specific regional religions, the Thlingets have been demonstrated to exhibit particular spiritual elements specific to the state. In considering the Thlingets, it’s been noted that, â€Å"men naturally grope after the Supreme Being, ‘if haply they may find Him.’ The Thlingets of Alaska are no exception to th e rule† and in speaking about Alaskan natives, â€Å"religion has been and is yet a great factor in their lives† (Jones, pg. 231).

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