Monday, September 23, 2019

DSS VS MIS Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

DSS VS MIS - Coursework Example n the other hand Decision Support System (DSS) is used for establishing the correct decision established on activities, planning, forecast, management and operations. (Kersten, Mikolajuk, & Yeh, 2000, p. 41-42) Database of Decision Support System contain information from a variety of resources that includes information that was generated from various applications, data generated internally and the data extracted from external sources like Internet, etc. Size of DSS database can vary from a small standalone system to a very large datacenters managing the data requirements needs of an organization. Decision Support System’s database normally holds a backup of the production database to avoid any kind of obstruction with the normal operational systems. DSS software contains number of different analytical and mathematical models. These models are used for analyzing the complex data, in that way developing the needed information. An analytical and mathematical model forecasts the outcome on the basis of various different inputs or varying situations, or determines the outcome by combining both. A DSS may includes different models while each performing some particular function. Some of them are: (Laudon & Laudon, 2004, p. 274-275) Decision Support System has an interactive graphical user interface. This interface makes an easier interaction between the user and the DSS. The result of the analyzed data is displayed in several different forms, like table, graphical (in the form of charts), and text. Interface users and select the suitable option to view the result as per the requirements. This component works same as it does in an expert system. It presents information regarding connections between data that is excessively difficult for a database to represent. It includes the rules to facilitate possible resolution as well as another methods and solutions for assessing them. Let us assume that the some manager of a business organization who deals in products or

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