Saturday, July 27, 2019

Studies in Interpersonal Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Studies in Interpersonal Communication - Essay Example The same applies to preaching in different denominations. In order for the sermon to be effective, the congregants should show a desire to listen to what the preacher is saying. It can be observed that those who listen well are likely to gain more information from the people speaking at a particular period. Basically, communication is primarily concerned with creating meaning from the messages passed from the sender to receiver and this is possible if the parties involved are willing to listen to each other. The other important aspect about listening is that it creates mutual benefits to the parties involved in the communication process. It is suggested that listening to feedback from others helps us to understand what is being said and correct any misunderstanding that may arise (Burley-Allen , 169). In interpersonal communication, deception is very common. â€Å"Deception can vary from blatant lies to indirect actions such as exaggerations and false implications† (Hopper & Bell, 1984 as cited in Stewart, Zediker. & Witteborn, ND, p. 330). It can be noted that deception can be either intentional or unintentional. However, the controversy about deception is that some people believe that some motives of deception are positive while others are of the view that it â€Å"is always damaging to the relationship (Stewart, Zediker. & Witteborn, ND, p. 329). There are various implications of deception on interpersonal communication. People often use deception for personal gain and some individuals often view it as honest lying. In order to gain something, people choose to deceive others so that they can gain the special favour. However, even this action can be good to the other party, it is viewed as damaging to the other party. This brings out the controversy where there is lack of general agreement about deception for it being good or bad. The interactive

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