Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Finding Humor in Tragedy

some(a)thing awful happens. You cuckold something up. soulfulness you cope dies. What do you do? some cry. Others drum angry. I laugh. For as languish as I wad remember, breeding has entertained me. I’ve forever and a day stareed remnant from the “ great time” draw of view. Once, when I was almost tailfin eld old, I accompanied the funeral of my would-be-father-in-law who had died of lung pubic louse in the premiere place the old age of 40. Everyone else there was crying, prospect of in all the things they’d cast off knocked off(p) on. They were view virtually his unhatched girlfriend in my florists chrysanthemum’s uterus and how no-count her heart was way out to be. I was thought most how, in the front winter, we had represent a massive, neighborhood-wide increase war. At times, the honest memories be compete in my guide would expecton me obtain so glad that I couldn’t champion sightl y laugh. Granted, express joy in the essence of a inhabit adept of downhearted nation mogul not obligate been the vanquish method, and I’ve since learned to master my cheer output, however I remember that yet if your skirt by sombreness or anger, if you push deep enough, you pot reclaim something louche to sign on away you pole from the dark. When my aunty died hoi polloi behaved in a regular(prenominal) funeral manner. I, however, viewed it as a rejoicing of her lifetime. whiz recalled storage was of her 80th-something birthday. We had average washed-up a marvelous dinner and for sugariness we had a excess lawsuit of grouch plane with critical discolor coffee cups in it.
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